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So thrilled to share with you yet another amazing woman who is following her dreams and has created her own line of custom spice blends. Virginia-based Deepa Pakte is a super geek (I am happy to say!) and has a Ph.D in Microbiology with two post doctoral fellowships in Applied and Basic Immunology. So why the spices?

Deepa answers, “I first came to the US after being awarded a Fogarty AIRTP fellowship for AIDS research at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. In between several years of research and then a high profile job at a local biotech company, my son came along as a miracle for us. Being there for him seemed the one thing I did not want to miss out on. So armed with a lot of support from my husband, I decided to pursue my passion for cooking by providing those around me with the spice blends that would enliven their cooking. My husband has been a great fan of the spice blends I create at home…it was his idea to have my spice blends for a larger audience. He would often wake himself up in the morning by taking a whiff of the blends I have in the cabinets!!”

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