Cooking Classes


I am excited to host a cooking camp for children ages 6-12 at our kitchen this summer. I will talk about cooking methods and a little about spices. The classes will be part demo and part hands on. At the end of each class, participants will enjoy their creations.

Here are the details:

Please note, you will need to register by sending me an email, if interested, at I will then send you the forms that you will need to complete or you may do so on the day of the class or first day of camp. You can pay for the full camp here or for one day or multiple days of the camp here.

August 14 -17 9:30 am to 1 pm.

Location: 43671 Trade Center Place, Suite 166, Sterling, VA 20166.


Day 1, August 14

Breakfast Special

Gluten Free Pancakes with Sorghum, Rice Flour and Eggs

Strawberry Smoothie

Omelets with a little spice


Day 2, August 15

Light Lunch

Vegetarian Tacos with Black Bean

Spiced Lemonade

Grilled Fruit with Honey


Day 3, August 16

Dinner Delight

Fried Rice with Seasonal Vegetables

Sweet Corn Soup

Berry Parfait


Day 4, August 17

Special Gluten Free Baking

Instructor: Sarah Seligman, baker extraordinaire and owner of Bakefully Yours!

Learn how to make gluten free double chocolate cookies and lots of decorating as well!


$200 per child for the whole camp or $50 per cooking class. All our classes and our kitchen, both, are gluten free.


At the end of the camp or cooking class, each child will take home:

One Children’s Apron

Recipe Packet

20% Coupon for one future Adults Cooking Class

One Aromatic Spice Blends Spice Blend sample packet for taking home!


About our classes:

I teach how to cook gluten free, simple, wholesome and nourishing meals be it from the Indian cuisine or from cuisines around the world. Come join us at one of our classes, where you will get to taste simple culinary preparations from a cook who is not a chef!

Schedules will be posted in advance on our website. Send us an email at to pre-register. We can also design classes based on your special requests. Our classes make great gifts!

"Great spices, seasonal produce, awesome food!"