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Welcome to Aromatic Spice Blends! The place to get the finest selection of organic herbs, spices and spice blends. While shopping, you will also find some unique treats such as almond Toffee, spiced nuts and spiced tea mixes. Each of our products is made with attention to the quality of ingredients, freshness and authenticity of taste. We are family owned and are passionate about flavors. Our care for the environment stems from the belief that there is no need to build up a ton of inventory of any product. Having to build an inventory requires buying raw material in huge quantities, which would have a direct impact on harvesting more than required from the earth and then finding ways to sell it. Even when sold in large quantities, many shelf stable food products sit on the shelf and are eventually thrown away leading to vast amounts of waste. We have a simple solution: We buy smaller quantities of raw material but often enough to make our small batch products. We then sell to retailers who are also passionate about the environment and who buy in small quantities from us. This maintains a healthy chain of supply without over working the planet while giving you, our customers, the freshest products possible! We are glad you found us and hope that you enjoy each and every flavor packed product we have to offer. Thank you!

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and natureImage may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and natureLush Cardamom growing on the hillsides of Kerala, India

Verdant, Lush Cardamom plants growing on the rich hill slopes of Kerala, India.


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